info on alcohol test strip info on amphetamines info on barbiturates info on buprenorphine info on benzodiazepines info on cocaine info on cotinine info on eddp info on fentanyl info on k2-spice info on ketamine info on mdma-ecstasy info on methamphetamines info on methadone info on opiates info on oxycodone info on phencyclidine info on propoxyphene info on tricyclic anti-depressants info on thc-marijuana info on tramadol
Expanded catalog of urine drug tests and cutoffs image

Expanded catalog of custom urine drug tests and cutoffs

Express Diagnostics offers urine screening devices and custom configurations specifically for international and forensic use markets, including the DrugCheck® NxStep Onsite Drug Screen Cup licensed by Health Canada as a Class III medical device for 23 drugs and cutoffs (detection levels).

37 drugs and cutoffs available for export

The 20 drugs and cutoffs below are available specifically for export or forensic use. All cutoffs are in ng/mL, except alcohol (%BAC) and GHB (µg/mL). Note: Some drugs/cutoffs available by special order only ( * ).

Amphetamine 300, 500 Benzodiazepines 200
Buprenorphine 5* Alcohol 0.04%
Cocaine 100*Cotinine 200
EDDP 100 Fentanyl 10
Ketamine 1000 Marijuana/Cannabis 25*
Methadone 200* Methamphetamine 300
Opiates 100*, 3500* Tramadol 200*
K2/Spice 25, 50   

Please contact your sales representative for more information on special order drugs and cutoffs.

510(k) cleared drugs and cutoffs

Amphetamine 1000 Barbiturate 300
Buprenorphine 10Benzodiazepine 300
Cocaine 150 & 300MDMA/Ecstasy 500
Meth 500 & 1000Methadone 300
Opiates 300 & 2000Oxycodone 100
Phencyclidine 25Propoxyphene 300
TCA 1000 Marijuana/Cannabis 50