Drug Abuse Recognition

Drug Abuse Recognition and Onsite Screening

Comprehensive system to recognize drug use and screen for drugs of abuse

Drug Abuse Recognition Training

“The suspect only blew a .02, but I knew he had something else in his system. I just didn’t know what.”
— Hayward, California patrol officer



Law enforcement organizations can now implement drug abuse recognition and detection systems similar to those used in identifying alcohol-related offenses. DrugCheck® has partnered with a certified trainer for Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR) to develop a comprehensive drug screening system to help law enforcement identify impairment due to drug use and then screen onsite for specific drugs. The DAR-OS system begins with DAR training conducted by Graves & Associates:


  • Drug physiology and symptomology to identify objective symptoms related to seven drug classifications — visit our drug information page for links to objective symptoms associated with a particular drug.
  • DAR 7-step process to determine drug influence — dealing with persons actively under the influence of drugs
  • DAR training provides reasonable suspicion to implement onsite screening with the DrugCheck SalivaScan Oral Fluid Drug Test
  • Obtain laboratory confirmation (LC/MS) using specimen collected in the SalivaScan screening device
  • DAR-OS includes complimentary certified DAR training with the purchase of DrugCheck product — minimum quantity requirements
  • Forensic use only


Onsite screening device made in the U.S.A.

“The SalivaScan is like having a PBT for drugs. This is a great tool for all of law enforcement – work patrol, probation, parole, or corrections.” – California police officer


SalivaScan_5-panel_NEW_350pThe DrugCheck® SalivaScan Oral Fluid Drug Test screens for up to 10 drugs, including combinations from our catalog of 15 different drug tests plus alcohol. The device also contains the first-ever sponge saturation indicator, helping to ensure collection of sufficient saliva specimen.


  • Preliminary drug screen completed in minutes
  • Screen for very recent drug use — detection times similar to that of blood testing
  • Collect sufficient specimen the first time with sponge saturation indicator
  • LC/MS quantitative confirmation from specimen — no need for 2nd collection
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • Forensic use only