drug testing

onsite screens for drugs of abuse

instant urine and saliva tests

DrugCheck® onsite screening devices are well known in the industry for easy-to-read devices that incorporate single drug, color-coded test strips. All DrugCheck urine test cups, dips, and the SalivaScan oral fluid drug test use common color coding for quick recognition of individual drug strips.



Express Diagnostics offers devices and configurations specifically for the international market, including custom drug cutoffs for urinalysis and saliva.
•    Multiple drugs and cutoffs available
•    cGMP compliant, ISO 13485:2003-certified manufacturer
•    CE certified


NxStep Cup  |  Dip Drug Test  |  NxScan Cup  |  SalivaScan Oral Fluid



50+ available drugs and cutoffs

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All cutoffs ng/mL except alcohol (BAC) and GHB (µg/mL); *Special order only; **Parent drug