DrugCheck® K2-Spice Test

DrugCheck® K2-Spice Test

Screens for 18 compounds in synthetic marijuana

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Express Diagnostics offers the DrugCheck® K2-Spice Test with a cutoff of 25 ng/mL, the lowest cutoff for synthetic marijuana on the market. The DrugCheck K2/Spice Test is available in multi-panel cup and dip, as well as single test strip or dip cassette. The test screens for 18 compounds, giving it the widest range of screening for synthetic marijuana or cannabis:



compounds detected by DrugCheck K2 test

JWH-018 N-propanoic acid
JWH-018 5-pentanoic acid metabolite
JWH-018 N-4-hydroxypentyl
JWH-018 N-5-hydroxypentyl
JWH-019 6-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-019 5-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-073 4-butanoic acid metabolite
JWH-073 N-2-hydroxybutyl
JWH-073 N-4-hydroxybutyl
JWH-122 N-4-hydroxypentyl
JWH-122 N-5-hydroxypentyl
JWH-200 6-hydroxyindole
JWH-210 N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C26H25NO3
JWH-398 N-pentanoic acid metabolite
MAM2201 N-pentanoic acid metabolite
RCS-4 N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C21H21NO4
JWH-081 4-methoxynaphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone
JWH-250 2-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)ethanone

K2-Spice information


#30122C (25  per box)


Note: for forensic use
or export only