DrugCheck® Rapid EtG™

DrugCheck® Rapid EtG™

Instant test for ethyl glucuronide


Express Diagnostics is excited to offer the first onsite, lateral flow test for ethyl glucuronide (EtG) – a unique biomarker of alcohol use – optimized for abstinence monitoring. EtG testing previously has been available only through laboratories, at significant cost and several days in transit and processing. The DrugCheck® Rapid EtG (Patent Pending) urine test delivers accurate, reliable results in as little as one minute, at a fraction of the cost of lab-based EtG tests.


The 500 ng/mL cutoff of the DrugCheck Rapid EtG dip test is widely considered to be the optimal cutoff for ethyl glucuronide testing for abstinence monitoring. Positive results at the 500 ng/mL threshold for Rapid EtG are consistent with recent ingestion of alcohol – up to approximately 48 hours prior to specimen collection. Studies also indicate that positive results at this cutoff are not associated with incidental alcohol exposure, such as from mouthwash or hand sanitizer.


EtG information


30192C-DC (25 per box)

Note: for forensic use or export only