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Onsite urine and saliva tests for drugs of abuse and alcohol

Our comprehensive catalog of drug of abuse testing devices includes:

  • Fully-integrated cups and dip devices
  • Flat panel cups to easily copy or scan results for permanent record
  • Capacity to screen for up to 15 drugs, alcohol and/or adulterants
  • CLIA-waived cup and dip tests

BUP, PPX, COC150, MET500 510(k) cleared for use in DrugCheck cup and dip urine tests

The below drugs, including buprenorphine (10 ng/mL) and propoxyphene (300 ng/mL), are cleared for IVD use in DrugCheck cup and dip tests. The NxStep OnSite cup and the Dip Drug Test each have 17 drugs that are 510(k) cleared.

Contact our Sales Department for more information or call 888-466-8433.

IVD cleared drugs in cup and dip urine tests