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AnemiaCheck POC Quantitative Hematocrit header graphic

AnemiaCheck™ POC Quantitative Hematocrit Test

Not available in the U.S. — Available for export Q2 2014

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The AnemiaCheck™ POC Quantitative Hematocrit Test is an entirely self-contained, disposable device designed to separate red blood cells from plasma using specialized filtering materials. The device allows the user to test for anemia by viewing the migration distance of red blood cells into the filtering materials. This distance of migration is proportional to the hematocrit (Hct) of the blood sample. A scale on the device indicates red blood cell migration distance, with the interpreted result equal to the hematocrit of the blood sample.

Rapid anemia test

  • Simple finger stick procedure
  • Hematocrit level easily read on device scale
  • No instrumentation required
  • Results comparable to spun hematocrit
  • Detect low hematocrit levels
  • Hemolysis-free technology
  • 15 minute read time

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AnemiaCheck™ Testimonial

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Developed by IntraMed Diagnostics, LLC, a subsidiary of Express Diagnostics Int'l, Inc. Patent pending — Technology licensed from Eveia Medical, Inc.