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On-site Drug Testing Simplified

Simplify your drug screening efforts and reduce costs with DrugCheck® on-site drug testing products from Express Diagnostics Int’l, Inc. (EDI). This innovative Minnesota-based corporation merges research, toxicology, manufacturing, and marketing expertise to provide quality, cost-effective on-site drugs of abuse test devices and services, as well as a growing catalog of health care products. With accuracy comparable to laboratory testing, DrugCheck onsite devices provide a variety of industries rapid, cost-effective alternatives to higher priced lab services.

Patented technology — Made in the U.S.A.

All DrugCheck onsite devices ship from our facility in Blue Earth, Minn. and simplify drug testing for customers worldwide with reliable, functional on-site screening. Patented designs combine collection with multi-panel drug tests into one device.

DrugCheck is well known for easy to read color-coded test strips. Ease of use and competitive pricing offer onsite test administrators expanded options for more accurate drug testing and reduction of costs. Sold through a worldwide distributor network since 2002, DrugCheck continues to build on its consistent growth in the on-site drug testing industry.

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DrugCheck Online Management System

DrugCheck OMS logo

Drug test administrators can now manage multiple aspects of their onsite drug testing program, including testing procedures, results management, and training with the DrugCheck® Online Management System™ (OMS).

Comprehensive drug testing products and services, including private label fulfillment

In addition to DrugCheck test cups and dips, EDI offers a wide range of on-site urine, breath, and saliva test formats, as well as a complete line of drug testing support products. Our commitment to delivering comprehensive drug testing services extends beyond our on-site test devices to integrated laboratory and third-party administrator services.

Express Diagnostics also offers private label fulfillment. We are an ISO 13485:2003 registered manufacturer and CE certified for European Union distribution.

For more information about our on-site drug testing products, please call 888-466-8433 or 507-526-3951, or email us.