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Drugs of abuse laboratory confirmation graphic

Drugs of abuse laboratory confirmation services

Express Diagnostics’ Lab Services partner focuses on providing flexible laboratory services with customized testing options, and verified, fast results, as well as exceptional customer service. The laboratory provides drug testing for a variety of institutions, including criminal justice, drug rehabilitation, addiction medicine, and workplace therapeutic drug monitoring. Working with our lab partner, you can tailor services to meet your needs, with flexible, customizable testing services, including urine, oral fluid, and hair.

Test options to meet your specific requirements:

  • Screen only
  • Screen and confirm
  • Point-of-care and confirmation
  • Confirmation only

Each specimen submitted to the laboratory is tested for four adulterants: creatinine, oxidants, pH, and specific gravity.

Exceptional customer service

Laboratory personnel have extensive experience in the industry. This expertise enabled the laboratory to develop unique support platforms, including:

  • Customized results reporting
  • Case management solutions
  • Integration of reporting into records including Drug Court Case Management
  • Daily detail on what was collected
  • Detailed statistical reports by account, sub-account, time period, positivity rates
  • Generate “no show/show” list
  • Random color-code scheduling
  • Electronic Chain of Custody
  • Customized point-of-care options and laboratory testing
  • Direct access toxicology support
  • Responsive office support

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