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Express Diagnostics News

Express Diagnostics featured in Business In Focus article

March 2, 2015

Express Diagnostics was featured in the March 2015 issue of Business In Focus magazine (Link to article).

Express Diagnostics receives patent for onsite saliva drug test

February 4, 2015

Express Diagnostics Int’l today announced that its patent for the DrugCheck® SalivaScan™ Oral Fluid Drug Test, titled “Device for Verifying Analytes in Bodily Fluids,” was approved by the European Patent Office. The patent is currently pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO Patent Publication Application Number: 20130022517).

“I am more than elated to announce that the first of many patents for the DrugCheck SalivaScan Oral Fluid Drug Test – the European patent – has been granted and published,” says Paul Johnson, CEO of Express Diagnostics Int’l, Inc. “This is a significant milestone for Express Diagnostics. The granting of this patent, and the expected forthcoming U.S. patent, represents another asset in our intellectual property portfolio and in the value we are gaining as a company.

“With the issuance of the European patent, we fully expect the U.S. patent – the most valuable patent – to be granted and published in early 2015.” Adds Johnson, “Again, this is a great accomplishment for Express Diagnostics. I’d like to thank everyone for their work in both the product development and patent application processes, and most importantly, for our customers’ continued support of this innovative product.”

Leading features of the DrugCheck SalivaScan include an integrated sponge saturation indicator in the collection swab that notifies test administrators when sufficient specimen has been collected. Determining adequate specimen according to the color change on the indicator strip helps reduce the potential costs of test failure due to insufficient specimen often associated with competing saliva devices.

The collection swab locks into the DrugCheck SalivaScan for a tamper-evident seal. The device can then be sent to a laboratory for confirmation, on a presumptive positive result. Dual side extraction ports simplify specimen access for laboratory personnel.

The device can screen simultaneously for up to 10 drugs of abuse, with 16 total available, including market-leading cutoffs, or detection levels, for buprenorphine, cotinine, EDDP, ketamine, and methadone. Express Diagnostics manufactures the DrugCheck SalivaScan at its ISO 13485:2003-certified facility in Blue Earth, Minn.

The DrugCheck SalivaScan is for Forensic Use or export only. Forensic Use in the U.S. is limited to criminal justice or government agencies, including correction centers, court systems, jails, police departments, probation offices, the Department of Defense, U.S. military, and laboratories performing forensic testing for these entities.

Express Diagnostics thanks distributors, staff, and community in celebrating 10th anniversary

October 1, 2014

Express Diagnostics today announced upcoming 10th anniversary celebrations of the company’s founding. Anniversary celebrations will include a lunch and commemorative gifts for employees, as well as an open house October 28, from 3 to 6 p.m. The public is invited to the open house at the Express Diagnostics headquarters at 1550 Industrial Drive to tour the facility, meet staff, and enjoy refreshments.

Express Diagnostics 10th anniversary logo

Express Diagnostics was founded on October 4, 2004, by CEO Paul Johnson, COO Rich Strasser, and three additional partners. As distributors of DrugCheck® onsite screening devices through their respective companies, the founders recognized the opportunities available with the purchase of the DrugCheck brand, which was completed at the inception of the company.

From its founding with one full-time employee, Express Diagnostics has grown to employ over 100 people, manufacturing product for distribution partners in over 60 countries, including distributors with exclusivity in Australia and Mexico. EDI also has company representatives in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Strasbourg, France.

The production processes employed by Express Diagnostics are some of the most advanced in the industry and, coupled with continual product innovation and skilled staff, provide customers 100% U.S.-made, cost-effective alternatives to devices manufactured in traditionally low-labor-cost countries.

“The company’s success can be attributed primarily to our distributor partners, dedicated staff, and a supportive community,” says Johnson. “Express Diagnostics has grown significantly in the decade since its founding thanks to our discerning customers and staff, and the support of Blue Earth area residents and businesses. Our continued success is directly tied to the efforts of these folks and we thank them.”

In its 10 years of operation, EDI has been a consistent leader in drugs of abuse and alcohol testing with first-to-market urine tests for alcohol, K2/Spice, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), and Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG), a unique biomarker of alcohol use. Express Diagnostics has also been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. the last two years in a row.

Express Diagnostics named to the Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row

August 21, 2014
Express Diagnostics Inc. 5000 logo

For the second year in a row, Inc. magazine has named Express Diagnostics Int’l (EDI) to its annual Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., with the position of 4,315 on the 2014 list. Express Diagnostics manufactures and distributes DrugCheck® onsite drugs of abuse tests, as well as a growing line of rapid alcohol screening and health diagnostics devices.

“Being named to the Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row is a tremendous honor. We share this recognition with our distributor and vendor partners, without whom this award would not be possible,” says Paul Johnson, CEO of Express Diagnostics. “In addition to thanking our customers and vendors, I want to express my gratitude to our dedicated employees for their focus on delivering superior product and service and striving for continual improvement to meet our customers’ expectations.

“With new products recently launched and those slated for introduction later this year,” adds Johnson, “Express Diagnostics looks forward to continued growth through sustained R&D and the beneficial partnerships that have led to consecutive annual listings on the Inc. 5000.”

Express Diagnostics Int’l now joins well-known companies such as Facebook, Timberland, and Zappos as multi-year Inc. 5000 honorees. In terms of Minnesota companies on the 2014 list, EDI ranked 78th in the state.

“I am delighted to inform you that Express Diagnostics Int’l has earned the position of 4315 on the 2014 Inc. 5000,” says Eric Schurenberg, Inc. president and editor in chief, in a letter to the company. “In addition to Express Diagnostics Int’l, the 2014 list added such powerhouses as GoPro, Bridger, Fuhu, Tough Mudder, Bowlmor, and Lending Club. You are in good company–which is exactly where you belong.”

Founded in 2004, Express Diagnostics has distribution partners in over 60 countries, including distributors with exclusivity in Australia and Mexico. EDI also has company representatives in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Strasbourg, France.

About the Inc. 5000

The 2014 Inc. 500 | 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2010 to 2013. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2010. They had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent – not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies – as of December 31, 2013. The minimum revenue required for 2010 is $100,000 and $2 million for 2013. Companies on the Inc. 5000 will be featured in the magazine’s September issue, and online.

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Express Diagnostics launches the first-ever instant, lateral flow test for EtG

May 27, 2014
DrugCheck Rapid EtG dip test photo

Express Diagnostics Int’l today announced the launch of the first-ever onsite, lateral flow test for Ethyl glucuronide (EtG), a unique biomarker of alcohol use. EtG testing previously has been available only through laboratories, at significant cost and several days in transit and processing. The new DrugCheck® Rapid EtG™ (Patent Pending) urine test delivers accurate, reliable results in as little as one minute, at a fraction of the cost of lab-based EtG tests.

Express Diagnostics initiated development of the DrugCheck Rapid EtG point-of-care test in 2013 and leveraged partnerships globally to be able to offer the test to the U.S. market. It has the potential to be one of the most transformative tests in the industry since the development of instant, onsite drug tests in the 1990s. Express Diagnostics has partnered with a leading firm in the marketing of drugs of abuse testing to facilitate sales and distribution of the DrugCheck Rapid EtG test in the U.S.

“Express Diagnostics is very excited to bring the first-ever onsite, lateral flow EtG test to market. Compared to the typical process, whereby tens of thousands of specimens nationwide are shipped each day for lab-based EtG tests, our new Rapid EtG test offers unheard of flexibility and efficiency for alcohol abstinence monitoring,” says Paul Johnson, CEO of Express Diagnostics. “The tremendous cost and time savings that the DrugCheck Rapid EtG offers administrators will be truly transformative for those organizations currently testing for EtG, not to mention the additional forensic-use markets that will now employ EtG testing due to the superior convenience, accuracy, and speed of this instant test. DrugCheck Rapid EtG is a true ‘game changer’ in onsite testing!”

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance worldwide, but it is also the most difficult to detect via abstinence monitoring where alcohol consumption is prohibited. Abstinence monitoring is conducted in a range of environments, from criminal justice, probation, and parole, to treatment centers and the military. Because alcohol is rapidly cleared from the body, detection times in traditional alcohol (ethanol) testing are limited to a few hours after use, and therefore of limited use in abstinence monitoring. In contrast, EtG is a unique biological marker of alcohol use that can be detected up to 80 hours after alcohol ingestion.

EtG testing was first offered by laboratories around 2005 and was soon recognized as one of the most significant tools available for abstinence monitoring. While use of EtG testing grew initially, concerns over potential false-positive results from inadvertent, environmental alcohol exposure, such as mouthwash and hand sanitizers, began to limit use of the test. More recent research and development has advanced both the science of EtG testing and the understanding of appropriate cutoffs, or detection levels, for accurate detection of the alcohol biomarker.

DrugCheck Rapid EtG test logo

The 500 ng/mL cutoff of the new DrugCheck Rapid EtG test is widely considered to be the optimal cutoff for EtG testing for abstinence monitoring. Positive results at the 500 ng/mL threshold for Rapid EtG are consistent with recent ingestion of alcohol — up to approximately 48 hours prior to specimen collection. Studies also indicate that positive results at this cutoff are not associated with incidental alcohol exposure, such as from mouthwash or hand sanitizer.

To perform a test with the DrugCheck Rapid EtG, simply dip the test strip into a urine specimen for 15 seconds. Negative results can be read in as little as one minute. Positive results are interpreted at 5 minutes and are stable for two hours. The test has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.

The DrugCheck Rapid EtG test is for forensic use only and is intended for use only in alcohol abstinence monitoring for law enforcement, including correction centers, court systems, jails, police departments, probation offices, and other law enforcement organizations.

Learn more at

Express Diagnostics launches Drug Abuse Recognition and onsite drug screening system

May 14, 2014

Express Diagnostics Int’l recently launched the DrugCheck® DAR-OS™ system to integrate Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR) training with utilization of onsite screening for drugs of abuse. The comprehensive system is designed to develop participants’ skills in recognizing drug use and provide the tools necessary to screen onsite for specific drugs.

DrugCheck DAR-OS system logo

With DrugCheck DAR-OS, law enforcement organizations can now implement Drug Abuse Recognition and drug detection systems similar to processes currently used in identifying alcohol-related offenses.

“I learned about the benefits of Drug Abuse Recognition early in my law enforcement career,” says Rich Strasser, COO of Express Diagnostics and retired California detective. “The skills taught in the DAR training program assist in identifying drug use and impairment and are a perfect complement to our onsite drugs of abuse tests.”

DrugCheck DAR-OS was developed in partnership with Graves & Associates, a leading provider of certified DAR training. Implementation of the DAR-OS system begins with DAR training conducted by Graves & Associates, including drug physiology and symptomology to identify objective symptoms related to seven drug classifications. DAR training also employs a seven-step process to determine drug influence and provides reasonable suspicion to initiate onsite drug screening with the DrugCheck® SalivaScan™ Oral Fluid Drug Test. DrugCheck DAR-OS and SalivaScan are available for forensic use only.

“Onsite testing is a great resource to detect drug abuse,” says Keith Graves, president of Graves & Associates. “And with the DrugCheck DAR-OS, using onsite testing in conjunction with skills learned through DAR training, law enforcement practitioners can now detect drug influence in addition to specific recent drug use.

“Graves & Associates is excited to partner with Express Diagnostics to offer this innovative new service.”

EDI representatives to speak at End Violence Against Women International’s 2014 conference

April 16, 2014

Express Diagnostics Int’l, Inc. (EDI) is pleased to announce that representatives from the company will be speaking next week at the 2014 conference of End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI), April 22-24 in Seattle, Wash. Express Diagnostics is also a corporate sponsor for the conference.

End Violence Against Women International logo

“Express Diagnostics is honored to be supporting EVAWI’s conference and their mission,” says Rich Strasser, COO of Express Diagnostics. “As a retired detective from California, I have seen the tragic results of some of the horrific crimes committed against women and I applaud the efforts of Joanne Archambault and everyone at EVAWI for their relentless efforts to train and educate the law enforcement community.”

Strasser and Les Wilson, director of technical resources at EDI, will present “Characteristics of Drugs Used in Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assaults.” The presentation will provide information on the biological effects of substances typically used in drug-facilitated sexual assaults, such as ecstasy, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), ketamine, and rohypnol. Strasser and Wilson will also discuss rapid drug-screening devices available to law enforcement that can provide valuable, immediate information in the early stages of a sexual assault investigation.

EVAWI’s vision statement summarizes the goal of the annual conference: “We envision a world where gender-based violence is unacceptable; where perpetrators are held accountable, and victims receive the compassion, support, and justice they deserve.” The three-day conference, titled “International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Trafficking,” will highlight emerging issues and promising practices that can be implemented by law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, victim advocates, judges, rape crisis workers, and medical personnel.

This year’s sponsorship and presentation marks EDI’s first time participating in the End Violence Against Women International conference. “EVAWI is pleased to welcome Express Diagnostics to present different drug screening technologies available in the investigation of drug-facilitated sexual assaults,” says Joanne Archambault, executive director of EVAWI. “Our largest contingent of conference participants comes from the law enforcement community and this is a great opportunity to get these technologies out to them so they know what tools are available.”

For more details and a full conference agenda, visit

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